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Roberto Deangelis

I’m Roberto the owner of this website which soon will become a full featured
SEO & marketing consulting agency.Why I decided to create a new agency and
what motivates me,I will reveal soon enough. Today is October 2016 and I lost
my job and with it everything else. Even my girlfriend left me but i can’t
attribute this to the job i lost, unfortunately. It seems Murphy was right.
I have no money in the bank I only have a few buck just to get by another
month. The only thing I do have, though, is the urge to succeed in this world
and the SEO & Marketing knowledge I’ve been gathering for the past year in
a reputation management agency. That’s my short life story.

Now to cut the bull shit I’m here to help you succeed in the online world
because your success is also my success and I will do everything to get it.

About us

Local SEO

Google business, Yelp, Google maps

Local business SEO

Local SEO is the key factor for your local business success nowadays. It allows you to put your products and services in front of the nearby users at the right moment, just when they’re looking for it. These are not just regular website visitors, local users are buyers „in disguise“. Data suggests that more than 60 % of local mobile searches result in a purchase.

Local SEO is based on maps and directories like Yelp, Google business, and other similar websites. Imagine what could happen to your revenue if you could be in the top 3 or better in the 1st place in the maps pack on Google SERP when the user is searching for your product or service. Imagining is not enough, though, you need to act, improve your local positioning and get some new clients for your business.

Local SEO

ON site SEO

SEO, Audit, Structure, Conversions

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the name given to a set of strategies for ranking your websites better in the search engine results. It is what makes your website different from anyone else, making you stand out from the infinite crowd because that is the internet all about. Higher rankings can and will result in increased amount of visitors to your website, potential clients for your business, and bucks into your pockets.

SEO is roughly divided into ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE optimization. ON-PAGE deals with improving elements on your site like meta tags, title tags, keywords and many others while OFF-PAGE deals with links pointing to your website, anchor text and telling Google your business „story“. How is the algorithm working only Google itself knows, but what we have discovered is that google positioning is like a popularity contest where your website must be the showman or the popularity king to remain at the top.

Website Audit

Website audit is a deep analysis of your website overall performance. The analysis covers all the aspects of site’s content and its performance, conversion rates, social interactions, technical aspects, framework structure and its management capabilities. In the audit process, you will identify winners and losers as well as targets which need improvements. Your website is your voice and from time to time it needs some sharpening. Old pages which are not relevant any more could be redirected to new resources or edited with few new information to get more exposure and valuable traffic from Google and social channels. The conversion analysis can point out where in the sales funnel users are dropping out or where and how you can improve your conversion rates. The benefits are an overall increase in performance for your website. This is what will make your website shine once again and rise to the top.

ON-site SEO

Site structure optimization

Site structuring is of utmost importance for ranking your website. The right website structure elements can make the difference between 3rd and 1st-page rankings. Using the right one will help Google better understand your site, the message you want to spread, and the brand you want to be known by. Microformats and descriptive HTML tags can show Google where to look for the important information about you, your product, and your business.

Internal linking is something website owners don’t think about apart from the navigation system. The thing is Google allocates a finite number of resources into its crawlers and you must convey the message as fast as possible to be ranking at the top for the topics, phrases, and keywords you want to be associated with.

Conversion optimization

Your website can be beautifully designed but without strategically positioned elements to drive conversions users will come and go without performing the desired action. There are different optimization techniques and ways based on the action we want the user to perform. Users are most likely not knowledgeable with your brand the first time they find it online.

A lot of websites in the internet universe are not user-friendly and users don’t know what to do, so they leave and find a better source of information. You need to drive users towards the desired action like signup, download, purchase, call or another website interaction. Be sure not to confuse users with popups, and other flashy elements. Use a wall formatted theme with your brand matching colors, beautiful images and create the brand users can thrust.


OFF-site SEO

Link building, Outreach, Traffic generation

Link building

Links are still one of the most important factors for search engine rankings (Google rankings). Getting good links in not easy nor cheap, so before getting into an expensive and time-consuming link building campaign be sure your website is perfectly optimized for your goals on every level. Link building today is centered around great engaging content which people will link to and share on social media. Good content generates targeted traffic which generates revenue for your business so be sure to pay close attention to it. Except from that, links from authority websites transfer part of their authority onto your website and provide you with better rankings.

In the online world Google is the absolute power, for now, and since Google did a purge of so-called bad links and bad networks a few years ago, webmasters and SEO experts have a sense of fear and try to stay in the Google guidelines. Webmasters will hardly link to a crappy, not relevant site so be sure you have a good website with good content you can do marketing and link building for. Without a linking campaign you are on your way to failure, because in the online world, you will stay buried like the pharaon in the pyramids.

Traffic generation

You will agree that your website without traffic is worthless. Traffic generation is the tricky part and it can be done in various ways. Traffic can come from simple organic searches or paid ads from Google or social media. Different traffic sources are not used all the same way nor for the same goal in mind. Organic traffic is mostly used for brand awareness for people who seek more information about a topic or a brand. Social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest can be used for creating brand awareness as well as boosting sales through effective marketing campaigns. Traffic is what makes your website valuable in eyes of Google so all the traffic is good no mether where it comes from, but you need to manage it the right way, and spend the money where it counts the most.

OFF-site SEO

Keyword and topical research

Keyword research is and always will be, one of the pillars for an effective SEO and Content generation strategy. Even though Google is getting smarter, content creation is still based on keywords. Long tail or broad, it doesn’t matter. Keywords give Google the information what is your website about. Keywords alone will not give you the desired results in the SERP though, you need to combine those keywords into topics. What do we mean by that? Google algorithm is sorting websites based on keywords used on-site and off-site.

It means you need to be sure your website is connected with all the right keywords. Use synonyms and all the topic connected keywords to create the desired effect, making Google think you are an authority in your niche. If the research is done right and everything is done according to a detailed plan your website will rise at the top for a bunch of keywords you didn’t think it would rank for. Create your website with that thought in mind.

Market research

Market research is the key step for understanding what your customers, in this case, website visitors, want and is there a market place for your product or service. It is the process of collecting business information for helping you make wise and profitable decisions based on numbers. Many entrepreneurs think they know what is that the user wants without asking the right questions, and you don’t want to make the same mistake.

To better understand the industry you are competing in, you need to perform a vast market research, analyze trends and get to know your competitors. A good research can reveal opportunities in the niche you didn’t think of when first starting your business website and reduce the number of mistakes you could make otherwise.

Competitor analysis

There is a great chance you are not alone because the Internet is an infinite place for businesses just like yours. To compete in the market you need to find competitors weak spots and exploit those for your success. The competitor’s analysis will give you just that, an edge in the market. It will show you which keywords your competitors are targeting, what are they doing to get at the top and stay there, which content strategy are they following and promoting, what type of products or service they are selling and most importantly how.

It’s critical to understand what your competitors are doing in order to create the best possible plan and strategy to beat them. Opportunities are always there, you just need to look in the right places to find them. There are always new angles and strategies you can use when you have the knowledge of what is and what’s not working in your targeted market.

Social media analysis

Without social activity and engagement to drive traffic to your website and your offerings you are losing customers and sales daily. Google isn’t the only player of the online game anymore, there are also big social networks driving more traffic and engagement than Google these days. Youtube and Facebook just to mention a few. Combined they have more than a billion registered users. Ever heard of a quote „If it’s not on Facebook, it didn’t happen?“ Social channels are great for creating brand awareness and people engagement. If used correctly, social channels can drive crazy traffic numbers for your website, so you can’t afford to lose the opportunity to cash in on this.

OFF-site SEO

Marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy with a successful marketing campaign will result in more customers for your business. You need to identify how to show users exactly what they are looking for at the right moment on the right channel. Your brand has a voice wich is different from any other, so be sure your brand is speaking to the right crowd of people.

Customer profiling is the most important part of the marketing strategy because it offers insights into customer behavior and habits which can be used for creating a successful marketing strategy. This strategy should combine everything from basic SEO, competitor analysis, social media analysis to audience analysis. The complete strategy should be your guide, your starting point, and show you the way to monetize the market chances with your online business.

Outreach strategy

You wrote an amazing piece of content but it is not getting the attention it deserves. What you need to do is reach to people who might be interested into it. Reach to people in your field who are not your direct competitors, partners who would be interested in publishing your content because they see value in it. You need to establish a good relationship and a positive image about your company among others in your field as well as normal users. Become a brand recognized for being different from your competitors in the industry. The outreach strategy will give you a plan, a list of influencers, and a number of blogs to create a relationship with and syndicate your content to get the desired attention.

OFF-site SEO

Video marketing

Video is the best way to grab users attention, it is a powerful way for communicating with your audience, tell your story and build a reputation for your brand. It is the easiest way to communicate and explain your value proposition to customers and valuable prospects. The biggest social channel is turning all its efforts into video marketing because video is recognized as the most engaging and shareable type of content online. More than 90% of mobile users will share a video after watching it.

Statistics shows that including a video on a landing page could boost conversions up to 80%. Videos in an email generate 200%-300% increase in click through rate and more than 60% users are most likely to buy your products after watching a video. You need more customers and what better way to get to them than with a short video. A wise man once said „one picture can say 1000 words“, we say a video can say a million.

Blogging and content creation

Today it is hard to rank for high volume keywords but for every problem there is a solution. Blog is the ideal place to tell potential customers your value and at the same time, the best possible way to target so-called LSI keywords. These are low search volume keywords which purpose is to create brand awareness, present valuable information for a savvy user, and plant the desired thought into users minds.

OFF-site SEO


reporting and tracking results

Analytic results

How can you tell if your website is doing good or bad in Google’s eyes? Is it converting at a desired rate, where are your visitors coming from, which platforms are they using or how much time are they spending on a certain page? The answer to all this questions lies in analytics. It is a piece of code that will track visitors whenever they come to your website, it will record every user activity on the site and show their behavior. Based on the collected data we can make many decisions easier. We are not guessing anymore, every decision is backed up by relevant information gathered from actual users on the site.

Analytics is usually done with multiple software packages but one of the tools you certainly must use is Google analytics. Google analytics has many options and it can also be configured for your goals. It will show you when the user is dropping out for example in the checkout process. Don’t think you can guess what will the user do and how will he act. Use Analytics to eliminate guesswork from your decision making in the online world of business.


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